Date: 2020.09.16  Planning@writes_p & @tabippo  Editor: Keichiro Otsuka Role: text ( essay)

Last year I won the “writes publisher”prize of the award which is “World Web Article Award” in Japan.

I wrote about I met a couple Afghans and French in Brussel and they told me about Afghanistan culture. Thank you so much @lea.decan & @pohan_orya !! I’m so happy to convey to Japan this story : )

As a supplementary prize, my essay joins a book of @writes_p and it is finally published today 16th September.
They are specialists in travel books. I’m happy that I could work with them.

This book is originally a book by authors selected by other competition of writes publisher. 19 out of 4000 were selected.

When I won the “writes publisher” prize of the award which is ” the world Web Article Award” in Japan, the chief editor of writes publisher invited me as an author of this book. So this book is about the experiences of a total of 20 Japanese people traveling the world.

One of my dreams has come true. But someday I want to publish my own book with my illustrations. This book sells in the book store all over Japan and Amazon jp.


去年の5月にブリュッセルで出逢ったフランス人 @lea.decan とアフガニスタン人 @pohan_orya のカップルの友人たちとの出逢いや、彼らから教えてもらったアフガニスタンの文化について書いています。