Photo by: Karin Shikata


Illustrator / Columnist / Author

 From Japan and based in Berlin ・Germany since the summer of 2016. 
I studied character design – Illustration & Animation at Kyoto University of Art and Design.
After graduating, I worked for 3 years as an assistant to the manga department of Kyoto University of Art and Design.
Currently, I am working as an illustrator in magazines and books,
I have also a series of columns on sustainability and vegetarianism in several media.

My story

We don’t have any transportation, one hour drive to the nearest store by my father’s car. 
Anyway, my home town is a really small village with really beautiful nature.
When I was a child, it was great entertainment to play endlessly with paper, color pens, and the fantasy world of my head.
When I was 15 years old, I left my parents’ home because I have to go to high school.
Our village has unfortunately only elementary school and junior high school.
I had to be independent of 15 years old and drawing illustrations with the fantasy world of my head became moral support for me.

For example, when children who live in a small village like me will start to Journey of life from there,
I’d like to leave something to make them realize that “the world is how big and there are so many choices” by my illustrations.


Embassy of Germany -Tokyo, Japan / Süddeutsche Zeitung Familie – Munich, Germany /
Tandem APP – Berlin, Germany / SUBARU Corporation – Tokyo, Japan /
veggy  magazine -Tokyo, Japan / ELEMINIST  magazine – Tokyo, Japan /
SAGOJO Inc. – Tokyo, Japan / NTT Resonant Inc. – Tokyo, Japan /
NORITZ CORPORATION – Kobe, Japan / etc…


World Web Article Award 2019 / writes publisher prize
– Tokyo, Japan. As a supplementary prize, my essay joined a book and published in 2020

Kyoto University of Art and Design Graduation show 2012 / Character design department Outstanding Student Award
– Kyoto, Japan



Current column series

Young Germany  /  Client: Embassy of Germany -Tokyo, Japan 
Official web magazine of Embassy of Germany in Tokyo.

Currently my column: “Sustainable Life in Berlin”

ELEMINIST /  Client :trustridge Inc. – Tokyo,Japan 
ELEMINIST is a guide for a sustainable lifestyle. ELEMINIST means “Enjoy Lifestyle & Minimal”, it’s coined word.

Currently my column: With the theme of a sustainable lifestyle,
I’ll write about my experience living in the city of Berlin
how this common with my experience growing up in a small village in Japan.