Photo by : Karin Shikata


I’m from Japan and based in Berlin ・Germany since the summer of 2016.
I studied character design ( Illustration / Children’s books / Animation ) at the Kyoto University of Art and Design (JP).
After graduating, I worked for 3 years as an assistant to the manga department of the Kyoto University of Art and Design (JP).
Since 2015 I work as a freelance illustrator. I loves using unique color palettes to express my perception of the world.

We don’t have any transportation , one hour drive to the nearest store by my father’s car.
Anyway, my home town is really small village with really beautiful nature.
When I was a child, it was a great entertainment to play endlessly with paper, color pens and fantasy world of my head.
When I was 15 years old, I left from my parents’ home because I have to go to high school.
Our village have unfortunately only elementary school and junior high school.
I had to be independent from 15 years old and
drawing illustration with fantasy world of my head became moral support for me.

When children who living in a small village like a me will start to the time to Journey of life from there ,
I want to leave something to make them realize that “The world is how big and there are so many choices” with my illustration and text.


Tandem App – interview



goo POPLRTA  – Essay

Japanese ▶︎【私の転機となった作品】西の魔女に教えてもらった、大切なこと。

Embassy of Germany ( Tokyo・Japan) / Tandem APP (Berlin・Germany) / Yeoja Magazine (Berlin・Germany) / veggy ( Tokyo・Japan) / SERENDIP TRAVEL ( Tokyo・Japan) /
BLAST Inc. ( Tokyo・Japan) / SAGOJO Inc. ( Tokyo・Japan) /LCL, Inc.( Tokyo・Japan) / NTT Resonant Inc. ( Tokyo・Japan) / NORITZ CORPORATION ( Kobe・Japan) / etc…


Young Germany  /  Client : Embassy of Germany (Tokyo,Japan)  / since 2017.07

Official web magazine of Embassy of Germany in Tokyo.
2019.05 -New column started “Berlin life as an Illustrator.”

veggy /  Client : kirasienne Inc. (Tokyo,Japan) / since 2019.01

The only one vegetarian magazine in Japan.
I’m writing about nature power place and vegetarian culture in Berlin or other countries.

おうちごはんラボ  / Client : NORITZ CORPORATION ( Kobe,Japan) / since 2018.10

Magazine about home cooking by NORITZ CORPORATION.
I’m writing about Journey abroad,meet people and learn how to home cooking from people who I met there.
I wrote : Germany ・Austria ・Ecuador ・Estonia・Belgium


5th Solo exhibition “It’s just a feeling.” @Wort für Wort / Berlin, Germany
Gedankenがいぞがしい!! @Hiroshima Mon Amour Berlin / KiKi & Julie / Berlin, Germany

Solo exhibition@Tabunzettai Gallery / Osaka, Japan

Heisei no ana @Vanilla mania / Tokyo-Ginza, Japan
3rd Solo exhibition @Cafe anamune / Osaka, Japan

Hakuchumu @Gallery LE DECO / Tokyo-Shibuya,Japan
2nd Solo exhibition @Gallery Ubeful / Kyoto, Japan
Kyoto University of Art and Design Graduation show / KUAD Outstanding Student Award

1st Solo exhibition @ Cafe dining near / Kyoto, Japan
Mebae – Outstanding Students exhibition  @Galerie Aube / Kyoto University of Art and Design