ClientHakusuisha Publishing Co., Ltd. (Tokyo, Japan)  Date: 2023.10.11  Illustration&Text : Kiyono Saito (KiKi)  URL:

Hakusuisha is a Japanese publishing company founded 1915 that publishes books on philosophy, history, literature, art, and language.

They published 2024 daily planners for learning language. There are French, Spanish, Chinese, and German. It is designed to make learning fun by writing schedules and diaries in those languages ​​​​and interacting with it every day.

They asked me to make samples for a German daily planner, so I wrote and drew my schedule and diary for August. The schedule page is for 2024, so it is a mix of reality and hope while referring to this year’s August schedule.🌞✌️✨(Thanks to my German friends for checking my German🙏)This was a lot of fun !! These are posted on the Hakusuisha official website.

The Daily Planner can be purchased on Hakusuisha’s official website, bookstores across Japan, Amazon jp, etc.

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