Date : 2022, 01,31  Place: Japan, my home town /  my grandpa’s atelier

This is my first mural.
This building is my grandpa’s atelier who is a carpenter and farmer. He built this atelier. So this mural is for my grandpa who provided a place and always supported me.

I drew a crane and a turtle on the door. “Cranes live a thousand years, and turtles live ten thousand years.” is ancient China’s saying and in Japan also it’s famous. Both are taken as lucky animals of longevity.

A vibrant plant at their feet. In the soil, I drew lively microorganisms. I learned that microorganisms have how powerful power by interviewing for my latest column. That’s why I wanted to draw them.

I also drew a rainbow and a big summer orange tree on the left side.


Until 3 years ago, a big summer orange tree and some plants were planted in front of this atelier. He loved to take care of them.

But one day, while he was taking care of the summer orange tree, he fell off the stepladder and broke his bone. Still, he didn’t stop taking care of the trees. He has always loved his work and always doing something. It’s his personality.

However, he got older, injured many times. My father said, “I can’t always look at him.” then my father cut all of them.

I can understand also what my father thought, but It was very sad I saw that nothing anything there when I returned to Japan 3 years ago…


But this time, a small field was created there. My grandpa grows vegetables in a small field in front of the atelier and a small field near our house. When I saw it, I was very happy.


However, the memories of the summer orange tree and grandpa will never exceed that. So I wanted to paint a mural here and help make his life & farm work fun.

I also drew the cicadas as developing to the adult stage on the tree. Under the tree, I made a lot of holes with sticks. Larvae of the cicadas came out from these holes and I loved observing them every summer. For me, it’s a very important childhood memory.

There is a bench in front of the atelier for his sunbathing. I sat next to him and did it together often.

He looked at my painting from there and he said, “The garden of atelier has become brighter! Thank you : )”

Thanks a lot, always. My grandpa🍊