Date : 2022, 05,01-06 (Berlin, Germany)
Size : 680×680     Material: wood
Paint : @lick  yellow03 / Blue111 / Orange01 / White01
Then I mixed and made colors which I needed by myself 🎨


I receive a request to paint a tabletop of the lovely terrace for a loving family. 🌿🥰

The theme given by the client who is a garden designer was “natural garden”. I first painted the sun in the middle, then the soil and the sea, planted plants, invited animals, and finally the fishies swam around the sea.

I worked on the client’s terrace for 6 days, during which two very cute sisters 👼👼were playing around in the garden. The happy spectacle brought this painting to life and made it even happier.

The sisters sometimes gave me ideas for painting as well. Ladybug’s families, a butterfly, and an easter bunny are from them. 🐞🦋

Thank you so much for a wonderful experience, work, and your lots of support,