Date : 2023, 08,18-09,03  Place:Werkstättenstraße 4
04319 Leipzig ( Leipzig, Germany) Urban art Festival : ibug 2023    Photos:  Susan Fankhänel / Mark Frost

I was selected as an artist for Ibug2023, stayed during Creative week from 06.08-12.08.2023 and painted two large murals.

My murals are on both sides of the entrance of a big hall. The sun, moon, stars, and hearts are holding hands and inviting you to the newly born “Art space.”

“Let’s hold hands! Come with us to new art space!”

For this theme, I asked the artists and staff I met during 2nd Creative Week, “How can I write let’s hold hands in your mother language?”

In addition to my mother language of Japanese, I wrote the languages ​​which artists and staff taught me : in English, German, Dutch, Italian, Ukrainian, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Hungarian, and Indonesian.

The star and heart are holding out their hand to you. Please hold hands with them, visit to the new art space together, and enjoy the art works we put our hearts into !

Also, I always paint my murals in hopes that people will feel happy when they see my illustrations. I would be very very happy if everyone just smiled when they found my mural.

Photo : Susan Fankhänel