Date : 2023, 05,10-23  Place:INA.KINDER.GARTEN Neue Steinmetzstraße ( Berlin, Germany) Project : KUNST IM KIEZ! by KinderKünsteZentrum Berlin / Children of INA.KINDERGARTEN Neue Steinmetzstraße meet the muralist Kiyono Saito from URBAN NATIONS / MUSEUM FOR URBAN CONTEMPORARY ART (Stiftung Berliner Leben)

The outer wall of the kindergarten was painted by children 8 years ago and renewed this year by children again. I supported the children to create wonderful murals! The theme is “Glückliche Monster(Happy Monsters)”. We can’t usually see them, but actually, “Glückliche Monster (Happy Monsters)” live in Kindergarten and they protect the smiles of children. We magically summoned them and drew them on the wall.



Photo by Stiftung Berliner Leben

The mural workshop was held for 3 weeks, with 3 groups of children, a total of 19 children participated. It consists of one group for 3 days,

Day 1: Using a special tool, each child drew a “Glückliche Monster(Happy Monsters)” and made sketche for the mural.

Day 2: Color Workshop and painting of
Monster. The children made their own by mixing the colors they needed. And they painted monsters bigger than them in a confidently way !

Day 3: Painting, painting!
Around the monsters, we painted a lot of flowers, suns, rainbows, and their favorite foods.


At the exhibition, I was really glad to see the children happily explaining the monsters they had drawn to their parents. And it was very impressive, during the painting, people in the neighborhood who passed by told us, “Thank you, it’s beautiful and make my feeling happy !” The children’s sensibility and artistry are truly wonderful, and they have completed a mural that makes many people happy !!!

I would like to thank the children, INA.KINDERGARTEN Neue SteinmetzstraßeKinderKünsteZentrum Berlin and  URBAN NATIONS / MUSEUM FOR URBAN CONTEMPORARY ART (Stiftung Berliner Leben) for giving me such a wonderful opportunity.

Photo by Anri Kitahara