Date : 2022, 09,05
Place: a beautiful garden in Berlin, Germany.
Paints: I bought only white, red, yellow, and blue. Then I made colors which I needed by my self 🎨

Lots of thanks to the garden team,🌱 and thanks for the support of this mural project ✨🙏

This summer, I painted a mural in a beautiful garden in Berlin, Germany.

The theme is “the prosperity of plants and animals.”🌱🌈🌞🌛🌏💕

This is my first mural in Berlin.
One of my dream of painting a mural in Berlin has finally come true!✨✨

This garden is loved by neighbors.
Many people come to grow vegetables and relax in nature. It’s a place of relaxation in the city.

I hope that through this mural, people will feel happy and think about the peaceful coexistence of humans with nature and animals.